Tanning Beds

With Elegance Sculpting Parksville tanning beds, you can achieve the beautiful glow you desire all year long. Our beautiful spa provides both peace and privacy. Whether you want to drop-in for a base tan before vacation or stay a bronze goddess all winter with our monthly unlimited package, we have the Parksville tanning bed options for you.

Our advanced Open Sun 550 beds use Advanced Reflective Tanning (ART) to achieve optimal results without the closed-in feeling of traditional beds (say goodbye to claustrophobia!). The incredible level-four bed features:

  • High-pressure facials bulbs, shoulder and neck tanners
  • Separate air-conditioned base acrylic cooling
  • 12-minute maximum tan time
  • One-system body ventilation
  • Adjustable, comfortable headrests, foot rests, and arm rests.

We also offer stand up tanning beds (available under the same unlimited package) to suit all comfort levels and needs.










5 Sessions


10 Sessions


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20 Sessions


Monthly Unlimited

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