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What is Hair Restoration?

For decades those looking to restore their hair and confidence had no choice other than to opt for expensive and intense transplant surgery for hair restoration. Elegance Sculpting is proud to offer a non-invasive solution to hair loss at a fraction of the price. Whether you experienced hair loss during pregnancy, are prone to a receding hairline or are just looking to achieve thicker locks, the JetPeel™ Hair Detox and Slyfirm Hair Restoration are designed for you.

Scalp Detox

For those looking to thicken thin hair or for a solution to dandruff, the Scalp Detox was designed with you in mind. The treatment is 45 minutes in length and includes both a deep clean and hair growth infusion. The JetPeel™ uses a jet stream moving at 200m/s to blast the Exosome Regenerative Complex+ 1.4 mm into the dermis. This is a non-invasive treatment that requires zero downtime.

Hair Restoration

We recommend this 75-minute treatment for those looking for intense hair regrowth. Your treatment will begin with all the same steps and benefits as the Scalp Detox, but use the added power of the Slyfirm technology to infuse exosomes into the dermis. This promotes a healthy hair growth cycle by nourishing and hydrating the scalp while noticeably reducing hair shedding.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

The advanced technology of the JetPeel™ and Slyfirm allow individuals experiencing thinning hair to achieve significant regrowth results without the downtime (or price tag) of traditional surgeries and PRP treatments. Post-treatment, clients are welcome to return to almost all their regular daily activities immediately. Full post-care instructions will be provided upon your first session.

The JetPeel™ Technology

This advanced technology allows us to stimulate and infuse for hair regrowth without the use of needles or invasive surgery. The JetPeel™ uses a jet stream moving at 200m/s to blast the Exosome Regenerative Complex+ 1.4 mm into the dermis. The result? Fuller, healthier hair and a stronger natural growth cycle with virtually no downtime.

Hair Restoration Results

hydrafacial before and after sun damage

One Month After First JetPeel™ Scalp Detox Treatment

hydrafacial before and after sun damage

JetPeel™ Scalp Detox Transformations Courtesy of Xcite Tech

hydrafacial before and after Brown Spots

Immediately After 10th JetPeel™ Scalp Detox Treatment

Scalp Detox

$200Per Session
  • $700/4 Sessions

Hair Restoration

$750Per session
  • $2800/4 Sessions
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