Parksville Infrared Saunas

There’s a reason why saunas have been used for the last 2000 years—the incredible (mental and physical) health benefits. Of course, our technology has improved over the centuries leading us to the sophisticated infrared sauna we have right here in Parksville, BC.

Infrared saunas detoxify and promote relaxation using infrared lamps, which use electromagnetic ration, to warm your body rather than the air. This allows for infrared saunas to operate at a lower temperature, between 120˚F and 140˚F, whereas traditional saunas using conventional heat use typically between 150˚F and 180˚F. This allows for the environment to be more comfortable for you so you can reap the benefits of a full session.

As with any new treatment, please consult your family doctor. Those new to infrared saunas should not exceed 20-minute sessions as hydration may occur. Always bring a water with you and be mindful of how you feel. Take breaks if needed.

The Benefits of Infrared Saunas

  • Balances cortisol levels to promote relaxation

  • Helps increase circulation producing more white blood cells, which can help improve immunity

  • Improves muscle recovery time by sending more oxygen to the cells in your body

  • Aids in weight loss burning up to 600 calories per session depending on the individual

  • Helps relieve joint pain and discomfort by increasing blood circulation

  • Increases sweating leading to increased detoxification of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis

  • May aid in cardio conditioning as the increased heat tolerance threshold prepares the body for cardiac output

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