Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels in Parksville B.C

At Elegance Sculpting, we follow a unique, layered process for optimal chemical peel results. Each medical-grade, chemical peel is tailored to your skin concerns. Acne, scarring, skin texture, skin turgor, tone, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and age spots, can all be addressed through the power of a proper chemical peel with our team of experts.

Why Elegance?

At Elegance Sculpting, we carry three distinct product lines that truly serve everyone: DerMed, BCL Spa and Advanced Nutrition Programme. We also utilize the expertise of the island’s best estheticians and technicians to ensure our clients can achieve optimal results in a safe, comfortable environment. 

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To get the most out of your chemical peel at Elegance Sculpting in Parksville BC, please ensure you share all your skin care concerns during the consultation at the beginning of your appointment. If possible, please arrive with a makeup-free, clean face. If you’re coming straight from work, we will provide you everything you need to wash up prior to your facial. Additional, deep cleansing will be included during your facial treatment.

Medical-Grade Chemical Peels

Chemical peels at Elegance Sculpting are considered a medical treatment. After your treatment, a specific guideline of post-care musts will be provided for optimal healing—it is extremely important you follow this. Skin may be slightly pink and mild peeling may occur up to four days (depending on the chemical peel grade). If you do not take part in proper post-care, scarring can occur.

Chemical Peel Pricing

Chemical Peel Starter Treatment

$990030 Minutes
  • A tailored medical-grade peel to achieve and treat and correct skin conditions: acne, scarring, skin texture, skin turgor, tone, signs of aging and sun damage. Each peel consists of a unique layer process: intense pore cleaning,vitamin and mineral supplementation. Skin maybe slightly pink and moderate to mild peeling may occur up to 4 days.

Glycolic Peel (50%)

$6020 Minutes
  • New or seasoned with chemical peels, this is the chemical peel for you. This is an express treatment targeting the keratinization of the skin, regulating the skin to improve tugur. Along with detoxing, this peel offers a radiant afterglow that boosts oxygen levels and regeneration.
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