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Using Selective RF™ technology, VANQUISH ME disrupts the production of fatty cells leading to shrinkage and even elimination of fat cells in problem areas such as the inner and outer thighs as well as the abdominal area. The procedure is non-invasive, extremely effective and provides visible results up to 4 years post-treatment. VANQUISH ME is backed by science and patients report a 29.5% reduction in fat. 

Body image impacts our confidence.

Your nourishing your body with healthy foods, exercising regularly—now what?! VANQUISH ME treatments are the fastest way to shred fat and meet your goals safely. This contactless, non-invasive treatment provides visible results in as little as two weeks and can be squeezed in during any lunch break without the need for downtime.

Elegance Sculpting provides safe and effective BTL VANQUISH ME treatments in Parksville, BC and serves clients from Errington, Qualicum Beach, Nanimo, Coombs and Port Alberni.

What areas can VANQUISH ME treat?

Treatments areas include: arms, abdomen, inner and outer thighs and lower back (love  handles).

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Am I a good BTL VANQUISH ME candidate? 

Regardless of your BMI or current wellness routine, VANQUISH ME is designed to assist those looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their abdomen and thighs. 

How soon will I see results from my VANQUISH ME treatments?

Most clients see results two to three weeks into their treatment plan once the body naturally eliminates disrupted fat cells. Optimal results are usually visible two months after your first treatment (yes, results will continue to improve post your final treatment!).  

Do VANQUISH ME treatments hurt?

The advantage of choosing VANQUISH ME treatments for your fat reduction needs is that the procedure is comfortable, contactless,  non-invasive and requires virtually no downtime. Treatments are usually performed while the client is in a comfortable lying position and the sensation is similar to hot stones used for massages. This warm sensation may last a few hours post-therapy. 

Parksville BTL VANQUISH ME Pricing

Abdomen Area

$250 Single Treatment

Abdomen Package

$800 Four Treatments

Thigh Area

$300 Single Treatment

Thigh Package

$1000Four Treatments


$285 Single Treatment

Arm Package

$1000Four Treatments


Real BTL VANQUISH ME results from real patients.

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