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Parksville Brow Lamination

What is brow lamination?

The new brow trend that has everyone talking: brow lamination. This non-invasive brow treatment is similar to a perm lasting four to six weeks. During this 30 to 45 minute treatment, a straightening solution will be applied to the upward brushed brows before being covered with a plastic wrap for approximately seven minutes. The process will be repeated with a setting solution. For a finished look, we recommend adding a shape and tint to your brow lamination treatment.

First Timers, This Is For You

You get home from your first brow lamination treatment, look in the mirror and immediately panic. They are fuller than you have ever seen them. Did you make a mistake? Breathe. This is a very common feeling for first-timers. In the first 24 hours, avoid touching or getting your brows wet but in the week to come, you can start to play around and find the perfect style for you. Messy, polished, fluffywe can help achieve any of these looks with brow lamination. We promise the Dan Levy feeling will quickly fade and you’ll be booking your next treatment as soon as the results begin to fade. To learn more, book your brow lamination treatment at Elegance Sculpting today.

The Benefits of Brow Lamination

Yet another brow trend may have you questioning if it’s really worth trying—well, we are here to tell you it is. Here are the top reasons why you should considering brow lamination:

  • A natural, fuller look
  • Provides arch definition
  • Customizable for your face structure
  • Non-invasive, comfortable treatment
  • Low maintenance and affordable
  • No commitment, results lasts 6 weeks
  • No downtime
How much is brow lamination?2022-09-08T16:34:05-04:00

Brow lamination can range from $50 for the base treatment and up to $90 or more for the often recommended brow lamination, shape and tint combination.

Is there downtime associated with brow lamination?2022-09-08T16:40:25-04:00

There is no downtime associated with brow lamination, a welcomed change from its alternative of microblading which requires over two weeks of downtime. However brow lamination is just like with any perm; you’ll need to avoid getting your eyebrow hair wet for at least 24 hours.

How long does brow lamination last?2022-09-08T16:47:16-04:00

Brow lamination lasts six weeks, depending on your hair growth. We actually offer loyalty brow lamination pricing for those who pre-book their brow lamination every six weeks. To learn more contact the team here.

What are the potential side effects of brow lamination?2022-09-08T16:51:27-04:00

Side effects of brow lamination are not common; however, skin irritation caused by the chemicals can occur. If any redness, peeling, itching, bumps or skin sensitivity should occur, they will likely subside in a couple days.

Who shouldn’t try brow lamination?2022-09-08T17:49:38-04:00
  • Women who are breast-feeding or pregnant (due to the chemicals used)
  • Individuals who suffer from eczema or dermatitis
  • Individuals with little to no brow hair
What is aftercare like for brow lamination?2022-09-08T18:00:23-04:00

Do not get your brows wet for 24 hours after your brow lamination (like proven Legally Blonde, this is grounds for incarceration). After that, each time you are in the shower use hair conditioner on your brows to help maintain the health of your brows (the chemicals used can be drying). Each time you wash your face or get your brows wet, use a brow brush to push the hairs upward to help maintain your new lifted shape.

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