The resolutions you will actually look forward to keeping this year.

Over 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February, according to a US studyAs 2018 comes to an end, we are thinking about the year to come. New goals, new aspirations and renewed promises to ourselves.

If you are still building your list of goals for the year, we have 19 possible resolutions for you to consider for 2019. This year, we encourage you to commit to New Year’s resolutions that benefit your health and wellbeing.

19 Resolutions for 2019

  1. More time with friends.

Spending time with your girlfriends, sister, mom and the other important women in your life is scientifically proven to improve both your mental and physical health. We understand life can be busy, so incorporate the women in tasks that you know must be done regardless. For example, make Costco a weekly girlfriend date or invite your sister to join you at the gym or your next pedicure.

  1. Stop shaving.

You’ve been saying you’ll do laser hair removal for years now—it’s time to commit!

  1. Smile often and laugh daily.

Even on the toughest days, find a way to laugh. Our favourite way to ensure this happens? Ellen Youtube videos. Also smile at strangers in the parking lot or on the street! Not only will you get a wave of feel-good chemicals but it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than it takes to frown. If you need a little encouragement, check out our SunnaSmile teeth whitening treatments, you won’t want to stop smiling.

  1. Make de-stressing activities a daily priority.

If you found yourself quite stressed, overworked or anxious during the last year, it is time to refocus your energy. While work and life are always going to be busy, find things that allow you to decompress. Is it a walk? Is it reading a book? Is it cleaning? Whatever makes you turn off your working brain and be in the moment, make it a daily routine for yourself.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

This is a resolution every year, am I right? Better for your skin, your metabolism, your nails, the list goes on. Hydration is so important to ensure you are healthy on the inside and out—buy a nice water bottle and don’t part from it until 2020…then buy a new one and don’t part with that one either.

  1. Self-care multitasking.

If you have time to watch any Netflix, then you have time for self-care. Pamper yourself while watching T.V. Put on a facemask while on a late work call. Do your squats while waiting for the microwave. A little multitasking goes a long way. Keep the trend going during your sweat blanket treatments. 

  1. Join a weekly fitness class.

It is proven that those who workout in group settings get a better sweat and results. Find a class you love and make a commitment to stick with it at the same time, same day, every week.

  1. Get more fresh air.

We know you love being outside in the summer (you do live in BC after all), but we’re talking about getting fresh air all year round. Go for a walk and be re-energized with fresh, cold oxygen. After dinner walks are our favourite way to incorporate this daily!  

  1. Utilize your work benefits!

We have direct billing for RMT massages, so if you have work benefits please take advantage of them! Don’t need glasses but have the benefits for eyewear? Go get a new pair of sunglasses this year. Too often we forget to utilize what has been allotted to us.

  1. Keep a physical calendar updated.

We were going to suggest keeping a journal but who are we kidding? That resolution only lasts a day or two. Instead of keeping everything in your phone, keep an agenda or calendar updated during 2019. It’s so fun to look back at all agendas and get a sense of what your life was like during a certain period.

  1. Drink a minimum of one smoothie a week.

We love heading to our friends at Realm Food Co. for a delicious and nutritious smoothie on days we are feeling bloated or missed the gym.  

  1. Read a book a month.

This one sounds easier than it is. You’ll need to commit to choosing reading before bed instead of scrolling through your phone (see next resolution too) but you won’t be sorry. That’s 12 amazing books you can read in 2019. If you’re like us, we’ve already got them picked, purchased and waiting.

  1. Stop scrolling before bed.

You can kill two birds with one stone. Start reading, stop scrolling. The blue light of technology decreases your quality of sleep.

  1. Waste less.

We hate throwing out expired food or clothing that has worn in just a few months. Buy smarter and do your part for the environment.

  1. Date nights are back.

Make date night a bi-weekly, non-breakable appointment with your significant other. Costco doesn’t count for this resolution! We are talking about a classic date without the distractions of technology, kids or work. Get to know each other again and keep the romance alive.

  1. Send cards by mail.

We love receiving cards in the mail…who doesn’t! Treat others how you’d like to be treated and buy a pack of stamps and send out birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, or just because cards.

  1. Use your crockpot.

Seriously, why do we not utilize this appliance more! Dinner is ready by the time you get home.

  1. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty.

Look in the mirror and be in love with who you are. Know that it is alright to take time for yourself and you deserve it.

  1. Just do your best.

It’s okay if you break a few of your New Year’s resolutions. We are only human.

We want to hear about your resolutions for 2019. Our team is here to help you achieve your wellness goals this year. Book your no-obligation consultation today.