What’s the Deal with Chemical Peels?

Glycolic chemical peels in the Parksville, Nanaimo, BC area that provide dramatic results. 

Chemical peels are a safe, proven way to activate cell renewal in order to diminish a wide range of skin imperfections: acne, enlarged pores, scarring, redness, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. However, not all medical grade chemical peels are created equal. 

We categorize chemical peels in three degrees: light, medium and deep. These are determined by the percentage of glycolic acid used and the skin’s exposure to the solution. At Elegance Sculpting, offer both light (20-30% glycolic acid) and medium (35-50% glycolic acid) options—with new chemical peel options coming May 2021.

After receiving a light or what we call a superficial chemical peel, the skin will need approximately 24 hours free from any product or makeup. These chemical peels are perfect for those looking to address mild skin concerns and hyperpigmentation.

The more common chemical peel we see our Nanaimo and Parksville clients opting for is the medium strength option, which requires one week of downtime. The higher percentage of glycolic acid allows for a more significant reduction in melasma, hyperpigmentation and overall skin texture, as the acid will penetrate down to the papillary dermis. 

We do not recommend glycolic acid concentrations over 50% and do not perform deep chemical peels at Elegance Sculpting due to risks of infection and even scarring. 

Chemical Peel Steps

Cleanse and Glycolic Acid

Each chemical peel treatment will begin with a cleanse to ensure the skin is completely clean and ready for the glycolic acid solution. Depending on the degree of chemical peel desired (and recommended by the Elegance Sculpting team), the solution will penetrate the skin between two and twenty minutes.  

Glycolic Acid Neutralized

After the exposure time is reached, the glycolic acid must be naturalized to stop the reaction.

Wash and Cool 

Once the neutralizing agent is removed, a cold compress will be applied.

The Aftercare 

Following the aftercare instructions provided by your skin expert is extremely important in order to achieve the best results and reduce the risk of negative side effects such as scarring. You can expect to avoid wearing makeup, using other skin products, sun exposure, the use of saunas and picking flaking skin. 

The Results 

Best results will be seen after two to three weeks depending on the concentration of your chemical peel.

The Next Peel 

An additional chemical peel may be booked four to six weeks post appointment; however, the results must first be elevated by your skin care expert.

Chemical Peel FAQs 

If you have additional questions about chemical peel in the Parksville, Nanaimo, BC area, our team would be happy to assist you. Click here to contact Elegance Sculpting today.

Do chemical peels hurt?

Individuals may feel slight tingling or stinging during their treatment which is entirely normaland a sign that the treatment is working!

How often should you get chemical peels?

For best results, we recommend a series of three to six chemical peels spaced one month apart. Treatment plans may change based on how an individuals skin reacts to the concentration. We monitor results closely to ensure skin isn’t over exfoliated. 

What are the side effects of chemical peels?

We will touch on only the side effects of the light to medium chemical peels we offer at Elegance Sculpting. Depending on the concentration of glycolic acid, clients will experience redness and perhaps irritation. Skin will feel tight and begin to peel after one to two days (which is a sign the treatment is working!).  

How much downtime is required for Chemical Peels? 

Downtime post chemical peel treatments is entirely dependent on the concentration of glycolic acid—downtime can range from 24 hours for superficial or light chemical peels and two weeks for medium concentration. 

What concentration of glycolic acid should I ask for?

Depending on your skin concerns and type, your Elegance Sculpting skin expert will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for you. We do not offer glycolic acid peels over 50% at Elegance Sculpting. 

Can I get a glycolic acid peel while pregnant? 

We do not recommend medium or deep chemical peels for women who are pregnant. There is little research that has been done on this topic but we recommend consulting with your family doctor. 

Can I get a chemical peel if I am acne-prone?

Yes! There is research that glycolic acid chemical peels help antibacterial effects the bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne. If you have severe skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema, consult your dermatologist before adding any new treatments to your skin regime. 

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