Committing to your appointments is important. Whether it’s with a doctor, a colleague, or even a dinner with girlfriends—but it is especially important when it comes to laser hair removal.

A common question we get from clients is “Can I reschedule a laser hair removal treatment?” The short answer is yes, of course, you can. However the long answer is no, you shouldn’t.

To understand why you shouldn’t, we need to take a look at how laser hair removal works. Laser energy is attracted to the pigment in hair follicles. When the two meet, the heat from the laser energy damages the follicle, preventing any future growth. If a hair follicle has any colour to it, the laser will remove it (with our advanced technology this includes blonde hairs).

But, here’s the thing—not all hair is present on your body at one time. That’s right, even when the treatment is happening, there is still hair it cannot yet treat. This is because hair growth occurs in a cycle of three stages:

1) Anagen Stage (Growing) – Takes up about 90 percent of the growth cycle, as it’s when the hair is physically growing and present on skin. If hair is not shaved, waxed or lasered, this stage can last up to five years.   

2) Catagen Stage (Resting) – This is when hair follicles prepare themselves for shedding. Only lasts one to two weeks.

3) Telogen Stage (Shedding) – This is the end of the growth cycle, when older hair sheds off.

Hair can only be treated by the laser when it is in the growing stage. This means multiple treatments are necessary to ensure hair is removed at the right time. The most important factor of the entire treatment is timing.

Remember, when laser hair removal starts, the current hair growth cycle is disrupted and a new one is created. If that new cycle is not kept up and managed accordingly, the overall results will be impacted. This is why timing in between appointments is pre-calculated by our trained aestheticians—to guarantee hair is always being removed during the growing stage.

At Elegance Sculpting we use Syneron Candela’s advanced elōs Plus multi application system to administer effective laser hair removal on all skin types. The Motif Vantage applicator is used for laser hair removal. Combining both Diode (electric) and radio frequency (RF) energies to treat hair follicles of all colours. Unlike traditional laser hair removal technologies, the elōs Plus Motif effectively targets and destroys hair of all pigments, without impacting the surrounding skin. Elos Plus Motif also includes a unique cooling feature, to ensure utmost comfort throughout the entire treatment.

We get it, life happens but pre-planning your laser hair removal treatments is the best way to see permanently hair-free results in just six sessions.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair forever, with an effective laser hair removal schedule from Elegance Sculpting. Book your first appointment today.