Your definitive guide for preventing, soothing and dealing with dry winter skin.

Snowy winter walks, daytime bonfires and ski runs make living in a colder climate completely worth it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its negatives—dry skin being among the most prominent.  

While most Canadians are settling in for the long haul of dry (and flakey) skin, you don’t have to. Stop your skin screaming with these expert tips for dry winter skin.

Starts in Your Home

A hydrated, glowing complexion starts with your environment. And while we may not have much control of what happens outside, we can control our homes. Using a humidifier during the winter months helps combat the dropping humidity outside that definitely doesn’t do your skin any favours.

We like to keep our humidifiers in the bedroom since it is the room we spend the most time in. There are also great portable options for your home office or even desk at work.  

You Are What You Drink

Unfortunately the drinks we like best are the worst for our skin. Alcohol, coffee and caffeine in general are diuretics which cause dehydration. While we aren’t saying you need to completely cut out those favorited liquids, up your water intake when you are drinking them. Setting a phone reminder for each hour can help ensure you meet your water intake goals. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

Let’s Face It

Now, how do we change our skincare regime in the winter months? Changing out a few simple steps can make all the difference in how our skin reacts to the colder weather. 

Exfoliation. With all that built up dry, flakey skin during the winter months it can be extremely tempting to want to exfoliate that dead skin away. We encourage this however, you have to do it gently in the winter months. 

Moisturizing. If you are still not switching out your moisturizer for the winter months, this step is going to change your life (well, at least your dry winter skin). Switching to heavier moisturizers (think creams rather than lotions) will help combat the drier weather. Look for moisturizers with lactic acid and avoid ones with (very drying!) alcohol. 

Winter Advanced Skin Treatments. To get your skin to a maintainable condition for the winter months, we recommend booking chemical peels with lactic acid. By gently removing the dead outer layers of skin, your overall complexion will be more radiant and your products will be able to work properly. Think of your dead skin like a layer of plastic wrap; if you use moisturizer on the plastic wrap, it’s not going to benefit the skin underneath very well. 

HydraFacials can help literally eject hydration back into your skin during drier months. Instead of blasting grit to exfoliate your skin, HydraFacials use a combination of vacuuming to exfoliate and extract while infusing hydration into the pores. To learn more about the facial that will change your life, click here. 

After You Shower

We love hot showers in the winter but they actually could be leaving your dry winter skin even drier. Because hot water evaporates, we suggest applying lotion to your face and body immediately after bathing. You can also try lowering the temperature of your showers if you are still finding your skin to be dry.

Before You Sleep

These are the months where your nighttime skin routine should feel luxurious. Use a nightly eye mask, lip mask and don’t forget your skincare should not stop at the chin. Your neck and collarbone area should receive the same attention as your face, not your legs. Our expert skin specialists are ready to help you develop the perfect day and nighttime routine for the season. Click here to start with a personalized, online skin consultation. 

Your skin may never like winter but scaly irritated skin does not have to be your reality the next three months. Click here to book your next chemical peel or free skincare consultation.