Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Elegance Sculpting is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety at all times, but even more so during COVID-19. Below is an in-depth list of the various levels of precautions we are taking at this time, as well as, guest expectations and procedures for treatment. 

Please bring any questions or concerns to our team and we will be happy to answer them.

 COVID-19 Screening – ‘Screen Green’  

For the safety of patients, staff and our community, all guests and service providers must ‘Screen Green’ to the following questions before they enter the clinic  facility:  

Free from COVID-19 Symptoms:  

  • NO fever, cough, shortness of breath
  • NO flu or cold-like symptoms
  • NO generally feeling unwell

Free from COVID-19 Exposure:  

  • NOT been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 or any flu or cold-like symptoms in the past 14 days
  • NOT travelled outside of BC in the past 14 days
  • NOT been in close contact with anyone who has travelled outside of BC in the past 14 days

Anyone who answers YES to any of these questions will not be permitted to enter the spa facility at this time. If you have an appointment  booked and need to cancel or re-book or if you  have any questions please call our team or send us an email.

Service Providers Procedures and Policies  

The following are measures that our service  providers are taking to keep our environment safe.  These are the minimum measures and more  sanitation will be taking place as well.  

  1. If Service Providers do not ‘Screen Green’ they will call 811 and report the incident, all guests that they have interacted with within the last 5 days will be  notified. Their appointments will be cancelled until  they can safely and healthily return to work.  
  2. Health Canada already requires spas and salons to adhere to rigorous standards of cleanliness and sanitation. To enhance these measures we have  completed our Beauty Safe Level 1 and Level 2 certifications for general services, nail technician  services and esthetic services. This is done every 3 years. If you need to see a copy of the certificate,  please ask.
  1. Service Providers, when possible will practice good hand hygiene in the treatment room with guests before and after the treatment. When this is not possible, this will be verbally indicated to the  guest. If cross-contamination is suspected, the  treatment will be momentarily suspended and  the service provider will adhere to strict hand hygiene practices.  
  2. Treatment rooms will be disinfected with the appropriate level of disinfectant for furnishings, implements etc before and after the treatment.  We use a variety of disinfectants including RTU,  CS 20 and an autoclave machine so that our  reprocessing procedures are effective and safe.  Each room will have a timer to ensure that each  level of disinfectant is completed before and  after every treatment.  
  3. To build trust, head rests and door knobs will be sanitized with the guest in the treatment room, prior to treatment commencing.
  1. Service providers will have available them: nitrile gloves, surgical masks, aprons or lab coats, face shields and protective eyewear to  use during the treatment to protect the guests  and themselves. They have a specific outline for  what service requires what gear. Any service  that requires us close to the face will have the  service provider fully covered, a face shield will  be mandatory. If a guest is not comfortable with  the PPE the service provider is in, they can  request any of the available PPE provided to  insure they feel comfortable and protected  throughout their treatment.  
  2. Our reception area is quite large and will be clearly marked out with social distancing policies in place.  
  3. Our service providers will at all times adhere to social distancing policies with other services providers and other guests. When it is not possible to do so, PPE policies are in place that  they will comply with.
  1. At all time, even prior to COVID-19- our implements were cleaned, disinfected and sanitized to highest standards. Each service  provider will have their own set of implements  that they will be working with, each implement  will be labelled and after the reprocessing has  been done, each implement will be placed in a  sterilization bag. You will see these implements  in their sterilization bag before treatment  commences.
  2. Laundry will be washed according to treatment  type: manicure towels with manicure towels,  pedicure supplies with pedicure supplies etc. Laundry will be washed with hot water and dried  to the “very hot” setting as this is a proven way  to further sanitizer the laundry. At this time we  will not be using massage covers. Each service  will have fresh towels, linens, disposable towels,  disposable coverings.
  3. At the spa we want to maintain a welcoming  environment, and while we want to catch up, lengthy conversations are discouraged. Your relaxation is of most importance. As COVID-19  is easily spread through breath, we ask that you  keep your conversation to a quiet level at all times, as we want to secure a relaxed  environment at all times.
  4. Deep cleaning with disinfectant in the common areas and treatment rooms will happen during  the day before and after each treatment and  each check out. Our deep cleaning in the  evening will continue.
  5. Service providers will arrive at staggered  intervals and will be given extra time to accomplish all the sanitization for each treatment.
  6. Service providers will also have staggered lunch times.
  7. No two service providers shall be in the reprocessing room at the same time, this is to  insure that each implement is thoroughly reprocessed.
  8. Subject to change per PHO (Provincial Health Officer) regulations. We are in fully compliance  with any previous guidelines by the PHO of  British Columbia.

Guest Expectations and Procedures  

The following is a list of expectations for individuals entering the spa for treatment.  

  1. Please do not come to your appointment if you are sick or have experienced cold or flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days, if you are required to self isolate due to travel or have been exposed to Covid-19 in the past 14 days.  Please refer to the ‘Screen Green’ guidelines above. Answers to this will be recorded in your  treatment notes.
  1. Please contact the spa to cancel appointments as soon as you are aware that you cannot keep your originally scheduled appointment. Cancellation fees will be waived at this time.  
  2. We are asking that guests come to their appointment alone and that anyone accompanying them wait outside the spa.  Please leave children at home or contact the clinic so we can make appropriate safety arrangements. Young guests may be accompanied by a parent or guardian, when  booked for services.
  1. Guests are asked to book no more than 75 minutes per service provider at a time. This allows us to maintain the cleanliness of the room  at all times. And allow the service provider to  change their PPE per protocols established by BeautySafe. 
  2. Guests are welcome to bring and wear their own mask, if they don’t have one, we have some available for $2.00  
  3. Guests are responsible for keeping personal items with them at all times. Please, use the small baskets. At this time service providers  cannot assist with the removal of coats, purses  etc. Bottles of water that are brought in, must remain with the guest through the ENTIRE length of the service.  
  4. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we are asking guests to limit use of the washroom.
  5. Please arrive at the spa door no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time 
  6. Upon entry into the spa all guests are expected to practice good hand hygiene. You will be directed to a hand washing station or an alcohol  sanitizer upon entrance. Good Hand Hygiene is 20 seconds. Always cleanse first with water before adding soap.
  7. Please maintain physical distancing measures  with service providers when you can. Some  areas of the spa will be marked, we ask that you  comply with these new policies.
  8. It is your right to choose the amount of PPE (personal protective equipment) you want to  wear. At the minimum we require a mask for  entering and exiting. Some treatments  (manicure, pedicure, brow, brow tint, lash tint)  will require a mask for the entire duration.  Guests will be notified of mask requirements.
  9. Guests should avoid touching their face with their bare hands during their appointment. If you have an itch, we have tissues available.
  10. If anyone needs to cough or sneeze at any point, please advise the service provider as soon as possible and direct it into a tissue or sleeve at the elbow. Sanitization will then be required again.
  11. Post treatment, you will be directed to the reception area. At reception, please use the alcohol based hand sanitizer provided at the desk and avoid placing your belongings on the reception desk for check out.

We are still smiling under our masks!