Everything you need to know before book your Parksville, BC tanning bed session. 

At Elegance Sculpting, we offer both stand-up and traditional tanning beds so our clients can choose their experience. If you are curious about the difference between both types of tanning beds, click here. 


To get the most out of your tanning bed session we recommend seven things: 

  1. Understand your skin type. Depending on your skin type, you may be more prone to burning and better off with our Parksville organic spray tanning options. For others, a tanning cocktail approach (the combination of tanning beds and spray tanning) may achieve the best results. Knowing your skin and how it reacts to the sun will help our tanning experts create the safest option for you. 
  2. Prep your skin properly. When it comes to tanning it is all in the preparation. Before your appointment ensure your skin is thoroughly clean. We recommend exfoliating and shaving 24 hours before your appointment and avoiding applying products such as perfume. Applying a non oil-based lotion immediately after you shower or bathe is recommended to ensure the skin isn’t dry or flakey.   
  3. Wear a quality SPF. We have a variety of tanning bed SPFs available for you to choose from in our Parksville, BC tanning spa. This is an area where quality matters. We recommend both a body SPF and lip balm SPF. 
  4. Remove it all… Immediately before your tanning session, we will ask that you remove all jewelry, makeup and any other products you may still have on (such as perfume and essential oils).
  5. …except for that. It’s important that areas that don’t typically receive sun exposure and may be especially sensitive to UV rays, remain covered to avoid burning. 
  6. Protective eyewear isn’t an option. Protecting your eyes with tanning goggles is necessary by law (and for your eye health!). 
  7. Wait for it… It takes up to 24 hours for your full tan to come into effect. We recommend waiting at least a day before booking your next tanning session. 

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