This season’s hottest, new nail trends are making us nostalgic—bring on the crayon box manicure please! 

Just like with anything, manicure styles come and go. We’ve been on the hunt for the top nail trends dominating our newsfeeds and have compiled them in one, easy list for you to reference before your next Nanaimo nail appointment. 

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Here are the five hottest nail trends to try this season:


1. Crayon Box Manicure blank

There are so many colours we’ve been loving lately so this box of crayons manicure is perfect—no need to decide on a colour when you can choose ten! You can go full colour of the rainbow or even take an ombre approach.


2. The Fashionable French 


The french manicure has never been out—it just gets updated. This summer we are already seeing celebs take a new spin on the classic french. Camila Coelho opted for a neon green deep french with an accent outline on the nail moon.


3. 70’s Colour Blocking 


The 70’s are back and we are here for it. This trend is also perfect for the indecisive people out there. Can’t decide on a colour? Go with all ten to create this trendy, colour blocking look. For the summer we expect to see mostly pastels and neons but are excited to shift this look with neutrals come fall. 


Another version of colour blocking (or spinoff of a french) is nail outlining. Essentially a french manicure with another block of colour along the nail bed. While we love the black and neutrals, this summer we expect to see far more pastels, neons and 70’s inspired colours in this style. We love this colour combo by @callmemazz, founder of Nailing Hollywood.

There are so many versions of colour blocking manicures we want to try this summer. This horizontal blocking keeps half the nail completely natural while adding two pops of colour with neon pink and bright purple.  


4. Dash of Sparkle 


Gone are the days of full sparkling nails. For the summer we are seeing celebs take on a more subtle approach adding just a dash of sparkle here and there. We love this 70’s take one a french manicure but with just one sparkling tip.

If you are looking to double up on the top trends, try the box of crayons manicure but with one sparkly nail. We love this combo with pastels!blank

5. Pretty in Pink 


If all of the other nail trends seem a little too loud for you, not to worry—pale pinks are in. We love this subtle trend because it just feels timeless and matches any outfit or environment. If you want to add a slight nod to one of the other trends, try creating a box of crayons out of an ombre light pinks and white or add a touch of sparkle. 

In terms of nail shape for the season, we are seeing more almond shapes than anything else to really emphasize those deep, new french manicures. If you are opting for a pretty in pink or colour blocking, a round nail shape is better suited.  

The overall nail trend for this summer—mix and match designs! Combining one or two of the above manicure trends is more than encouraged.The more fun you have with the colours, style and design, the more on trend you’ll be!

We cannot wait to see what you come up with! And if you’re stuck on what to choose, our nail technicians are happy to provide ideas. Click here to book your manicure in the Parksville, Nanaimo and Port Alberni, BC area.