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What is EmSculpt®?

The world’s first non-invasive procedure to build muscle, restore your core and tone those hard to reach muscles. EmSculpt® has been clinically proven to provide tangible results that can be felt even after the first treatment. Treatments feel like an intense workout but are completed while you’re lying down and relaxing. There is no prep or post-treatment downtime required when you choose EmSculpt®.

EmSculpt® is the only procedure to help both men and women burn fat while toning the underlying muscle in Parksville, BC. Elegance Sculpting offers BTL EmSculpt® treatments in a convenient location for clients from Parksville, Port Alberni, Courtenay, Comox and Nanaimo.

“EmSculpt was amazing! It felt like I was doing thousands of squats. It did exactly what I wanted, it lifted and toned my butt.”


What to Expect During Your EmSculpt® Treatment:

During your EmSculpt® treatment you can expect to feel like you’re doing the best workout of your life all while lying down and relaxing. The two seem contradictory but that really is why EmSculpt® is so incredible. Patients experience an average fat reduction of 19% and average muscle mass increase of 16%. Patient experience and results may vary, always consult your family doctor before starting a new program.

EmSculpt® FAQ

Anyone can benefit from EmSculpt® procedures. Contact the Elegance team for your personal consult.

EmSculpt® treatments are typically 30 minutes long and should be scheduled two to three days apart. We recommend a minimum of four treatments; however clients’ needs may differ based on their starting point and desired results.

There is no downtime associated with EmSculpt® and no preparation required prior to your appointment.

Your EmSculpt® treatment feels very similar to an intense workout however, you can lay down and relax throughout its entirety.

EmSculpt® results can be felt after your very first treatment (yes, that quick!) but continue to improve for several weeks after your last treatment.

EmSculpt® induces powerful muscle contractions that cannot be achieved voluntarily. Through shocking the muscles with the new sensation, muscle fibers achieve faster growth. The excessive demand for more energy during these contractions results in a fat reduction—a very happy side effect for EmSculpt’s main purpose.

EmSculpt® is the perfect treatment for those looking to tone the bottocks and abdomen areas.

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